Helleristningen Skolekorps (tidl Åskollen)

Helleristningen school marching band

Helleristningen school band recruits children from Brandengen, Skoger and Åskollen in Drammen. 

The following instruments are being played:

  • Clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe
  • Trumpet, french horn, trombone, barython, bass
  • Drums, melodic instruments

Children in the age of 8 years (3rd grade) and above are welcome. Currently we are about 50 youth (girls and boys) playing in the band.

There are a number of concerts throughout the year. In addition the band have some weekend seminars where we travel out of the area.

The band practices every Thursday (times depending upon age) at Åskollen school in Drammen. They play in different bands based upon their age.

The children are also given private tuition at Drammen cultural scool (downtown).

The yearly fee is 2.000 kr. This includes tution, instrument and uniform.

The parents have to attend some fund-raising acitivities like our famous Flee Market (loppemarked). These are social acitivities for children as well as for the parents.

The band aims to offer a platform for good musical experiences combined with a fantastic social setting for both children and parents. Playing in a band like this gives a unique opportunity for children of all ages ang both sexes to have good experiences together.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: helleristningen.skolekorps@gmail.com, or just show up on one of the practice days.

Brochures in different languages:

Klikk for å laste ned NMF_AASK_NOR.pdf Norwegian
Klikk for å laste ned NMF_AASK_ENG.pdf English
Klikk for å laste ned NMF_AASK_POL.pdf Polish
Klikk for å laste ned NMF_AASK_TYRK.pdf Turkish
Klikk for å laste ned NMF_AASK_FARSI.pdf Farsi
Klikk for å laste ned NMF_AASK_URDU.pdf Urdu
Klikk for å laste ned NMF_AASK_ARAB.pdf Arabic